"Why The Asterisk?"

These testimonials are from students who took the old version of the GRE (ending August 2011). The Ace The GRE video course has been updated for the new version of the GRE beginning in August 2011.

Because the GRE has only just recently been updated, there are very few testimonials for the current course--however, these testimonials are from students of mine who used my approach on the old GRE.

They still represent the experience of certain students of mine, and the new course is based on the same overall approach to standardized tests, but the course is different in some respects to reflect the new parts of the exam.

You might also want to check out my testimonials page on my blog for student feedback from the rest of my courses.

Just wanted to give you the whole story, in case you're wondering. If you have any questions about anything, as always you can e-mail me at TestingIsEasy.GRE@gmail.com